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Children in Divorce/Separation - CIDS 

Four-hour mandatory co-parenting workshop for divorcing or separating parents.  All workshop dates are listed in our calendar

Please click on CALENDAR to pick a date before completing the registration. 

CIDS is designed to help parents help their children while living separately, who are currently in the process of divorce/separation, are considering it, are already divorced or  never married.  This training will help assist your children in minimizing or eliminating trauma and adjusting to changes that occur during and after divorce or separation.

CIDS Classes are being offered online, through Zoom. Zoom link will be emailed the day before the class.

Topics addressed:

  • From romantic to co-parenting relationship
  • Emotional stages of separation and/or divorce
  • Effects of disputes on families
  • Positive ways to deal with the children and the other parent
  • Parental Do’s and Don’ts
  • Rights of Children/parents
  • Developmental stages of children and conflict
  • Identifying when your child is in trouble and needs help
  • Communication skills
  • General legal information
  • Resource in your community

You will learn through lecture, experiential, video and group exercises how to address the future and not the past.

Ways to register:

  • Online registration (form below) * note- if registering one week in advance, you will pay $50.
  • Pay with credit card, cash or money order on day of class $60
  • Email us at [email protected] or call us at 423-697-3791

Zoom links will be emailed, to the email address provided at registration, the evening prior to class.

Certificates are typically emailed the week following class.

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